Who We Are

Remo Saraceni Corporation is a Philadelphia based designer company ,creator of interactive exhibits worldwide.

Fashion Designer
Walt Disney World- EPCOT CENTER

Within the United States, Remo Saraceni Corporation has played and continues to be an integral part in the conceptualization, development and creation of the Kansas City Children's Mercy Hospital. Larger works include the Kodak pavilion, Orlando, Epcot, Florida.

Chief Designer
Papalote, Museo del nino, Mexico

Within South America alone, Remo Saraceni Corporation has designed unique exhibits for the following establishments: Papalote Museo de los Ninos, Mexico City, Mexico and the Museo de los Ninos, Bogota, Columbia, Museo de los Ninos Venezuela for which it is one of the founders and a new Museum of Ciencia Y Arte in Panama.

Visual Artist
Museo de la ciencia, La Paz, Bolivia
Remo Saraceni Corporation has been commissioned to create museum exhibits relating to subjects a varied as International Telecommunications to Biological Sciences and DNA as the fabric of life. Being mindful of the individual characteristics of each site and project, Remo Saraceni Corporation is able to provide a unique perspective that is artistic, one of a kind and always captivating. A blend of science, technology and Art are the basis of any work, which is produced.

> See the video of Saraceni's artworks at Museo de los Ninos, Bogota, Columbia

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> See the video of Saraceni's artworks at Museo de los Ninos, Papalote, Mexico City, Mexico