Big Piano™ is an Icon of our time. Invented in 1982, six years before the movie "BIG", starring Tom Hanks.

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Big Piano come from the past and go to the future.

The story of the Big Piano, also known as the Walking Piano, is the tale of a great invention that changed the scale of fun in revolutionary ways.

The Big Piano was unveiled in 1982 in Saraceni’s imaginative interactive studio, where state-of-the-art technology fueled limitless artistic creativity and imaginative science.

In 1983 The Big Piano received national recognition when it was featured with its inventor in major newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Remo Saraceni and his philosophy of human interaction with technology became increasingly interesting to the public and the Big Piano began to be more widely recognized.

This publicity led a manager from the toy company, FAO Schwarz, to visit Saraceni in his Brandywine studio in Philadelphia. FAO Schwarz immediately placed an order for a series of giant pianos and provided Remo with a showroom inside the FAO Schwarz flagship store on Fifth Avenue. Remo accompanied his invention to FAO Schwarz in New York, showing off the interactive toys that he had produced.

One day Anne Spielberg and Gary Ross, who had just started writing the story of “Big”, stopped by the FAO Schwarz store on Fifth Avenue. Saraceni was there marketing the one and a half octave version of the Big Piano. When Spielberg and Ross saw it they were instantly impressed and thought it perfect for a pivotal scene in the movie.

The Big Piano was featured in one of the film’s key scenes, when the characters played by Robert Loggia and Tom Hanks meet. The Big Piano instantly became iconic. The giant keyboard became a star of “Big”, alongside Tom Hanks. People magazine referred to it as an “icon” in the film.