A revolutionary instrument to learn music in a fun and playful way.

Model Girl 1

The Big Piano™ (Walking Piano) is a powerful tool to learn music because for the first time you don’t use only your fingers to play the sonata, but you use all the entire body.

When you follow the lighted keys with your body and play the sonata, you make a deep sensorial and memory experience, and something very powerful happens to your memory, the sonata will be etched on your memory more easily and quickly.

This revolutionary concept is not boring and it is perfect to teach music to the young child and to the special children, with problem of memory loss or motor coordination.

Big Piano “Maestro” is a very powerful tool for education, re-education and self discovery, because is a physical experience, the players physically memorize the sequence of the notes making the song. This interaction between the body and the music guided by light is a revolutionary concept. Remo Saraceni adopted this technology for the first time in 1980.

He has been awarded a U.S. Energy Conservation Awards 1979-1980 for developing a relovutionary concept in lighting efficiency for use in shopping centers. Invention Occupancy Sensors - US Patent No: 4,225,808