The Original Big Piano™

Now you can own a piece of cinematic history! Introducing the commemorative signed and limited edition icon of classic beauty and functionality enjoyed by millions throughout the world. Created by the Italian born artist inventor, Remo Saraceni and made famous by the movie “Big”, the famous “Big Piano” has entertained and is appreciated by millions even to this day. Thousands still line up weekly at FAO Schwarz for an opportunity to dance on this media phenomenon.

This unique Big Piano™ (Walking Piano) is part of permanent collection of many Children Museums, Discovery Centers, Children Hospitals, Science Centers and major attractions for fun as a teaching tool, for exercise, in music physical therapy, motor coordination.

In addition to its elegant design, the “Big Piano” produces melodic tones and each key lights up as you move over the 4-octave keyboard. Try your skills at playing a song or learning one. You can even switch from harmonic piano tones to a variety of other instruments such as grand piano, organ, harpsichord, drums, xylophone, synthesizer, harp and many more. Think of the possibilities!

How would you like the opportunity to own a piece of movie history signed by the original inventor? Each collectable “Big Piano” is signed by the artist Remo Saraceni and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This classic design will provide years of entertainment, timeless beauty and enjoyment as well as the satisfaction of owning a signed limited edition collectable!

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Maestro: Our Musical Teaching Program

Big Piano™ "Maestro"is a revolutionary concept of teaching music in a fun and playful way. The player literally follows step by step (lighted key by lighted key) the sequence of the notes in the chosen song or sonata.

The Big Piano™ is a powerful tool to learn music because for the first time you don’t use only your fingers to play the sonata, but you use all the entire body.

Model 6


Big, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013, will forever be remembered for one indelible scene: Tom Hanks, Robert Loggia, and Saraceni's Big Piano™. To this day, Big fans can visit the Big Piano at FAO Schwarz’s flagship store on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and perform their own version of the classic Hanks/Loggia “Heart and Soul” duet and admire the beauty of this artwork and its inventor, Remo Saraceni.
Saraceni created his revolutionary interactive piano long before the movie Big. No one before him, in the world, had ever thought of playing a giant piano with the body movement. The rest is film history.

Watch the video of the Big Piano experience at FAO Schwarz 2014