Big Piano™ produces melodic tones and each key lights up as you move over the 2 octave, 4-octave or 6-octave keyboard. Try your skills playing a song or learning one. You can switch from harmonic piano tones to a variety of other instruments such as grand piano, organ, harpsichord, drums, xylophone, synthesizer, harp and many more.

Model 2

This unique Big Piano™ 4 octave keyboard, is exactly the same size and model of the movie Big. It is major attractions and part of permanent collection of Children Museums, Discovery Centers, Children Hospitals, Science Centers. Big Piano is used as a teaching tool, for exercise, in music physical therapy, motor coordination.

Maestro: our Musical Teaching Program

Big Piano™ "Maestro" is a revolutionary concept of teaching music in a fun and playful way. The player literally follows step by step (lighted key by lighted key) the sequence of the notes in the chosen song or sonata.

This smart piano allow you to program your own songs or choose from songs already programmed.

Model 6


The Biggest Big Piano ever made. Full six octave 72 lighted keys. Designed for big spaces this gigantic Big Piano stimulate amazing social experiences.​ You can either use the Big Piano for a ​ wide range of ​event​ amusement indoor or outdoor. WATCH THE VIDEO


Easy to transport and storage. ​ The two octaves model is designed with all the features of the original 4-octave version, combined with the benefits of portability, it’s easier than ever to bring this sleeker “smart” version to your next extravaganza.

Model 2

The Big Piano is the perfect attraction for all entertainment events. You can even snap two of these 2-octaves performer pianos together to create an amazing 4-octaves Big Piano™ like the original one from the movie “Big”!

Inspired by the power of collaboration.

Big Piano™ is a tool to introduce first steps of music learning to children in a very playful, exciting and creative way. The player follows step by step a sequence of the notes in the chosen song or sonata.

Model 2