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The Big Piano® is a great teaching tool

The Big Piano ®  (Walking Piano) is part of permanent collection of many Children Museums, Discovery Centers, Children Hospitals, Science Centers and major attractions for "Fun" in music Institutions. The Big Piano ®  (Walking Piano) is used as a teaching tool, in Musical Academies, Music Schools and Music Museums world wide.
Many Hospitals, gyms and rehabilitation centre use Big Piano ®  as a "therapeutic instrument" in care, for exercise, in music physical therapy and motor coordination rehabilitation.
As a learning tool, the Big Piano ®  guides a student step by step to learning music, with the added dimension of full body participation in producing the notes. 

Lighting Keys Capability

Big Piano ®  (Walking Piano) is a musical keyboards than can play a full chromatic scale with high-quality sound. Big Piano is played by the feet of one or more players. In addition to Piano sound, other instruments and audio effects can be generated. Keys have lighting capability. 

Special Eddition - Outdoor Big Piano®

 As a social interactive game experience, the Big Piano ®  encourages interaction, reading of visual cues, and teamwork to produce an outcome 

 Watch the video of the Outdoor Big Piano ®  "special edition" for Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, kansas City. 

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Music for Health


What a Brain Health Expert has to say about the BigPiano®:

“I love this - it's brilliant and on so many levels it's the perfect brain/body workout. Love the way the participants would be challenging their motor and visual spatial memory to learn new patterns, their motor pathways to execute and hone a new skill, their cerebellum - a brain center for coordination, balance and rhythm, and the auditory cortex as well as other brain areas that process music.

To top it all off, because it's fun and social, dopamine, a feel good neurotransmitter which primes the brain for learning along with BDNF and other growth factors are released which strengthen synapses and promote the birth of new neurons. And I didn’t even mention the body benefits!”

-Marie Pasinksi, MD. 

Watch Dr. Sears play a giant piano and learn the health benefits of music.

About Big Piano



Big Piano®  Lovers

1) Appeal to Children of all ages

2) Reach Developmentally Challenged Children

3) Reach Alternate learning styles children

4) Develop / Re-Learn Motor coordination

5) Therapy for Alzeimers / dementia: memory plus motion

6) Special program for workout / aerobics with music.

Who We Love
1) Children's museum 

2) Music museum

3) Auditorium/Opera house

4) Children's Hospital

5) Rehabilitation Centre

6) Music shop

7) Gym
8) Discovery Centre

9) Theme Park