big piano installations and special events

Big Piano® Around The World

Lern more about our Big Piano ®   great performers!

Special Edition

Big Piano's ®   installations at the "Music Studio" in Florida at the

Miami Children's Museum

Big Piano® Outdoor Installation in Ohio

June 2018. Big Piano ®  Outdoor Installation
at the Comunity Park in Columbiana, Ohio.

Big Piano® in Qatar

June 2018 . Big Piano ® in Qatar.

 Great performance by BigPiano™  Dancers:

 Sabina Cohen and Robert Tunsall 

Big Piano® in Dubai!

2018 / Dubai.  Big Piano ®   is tunning up!  

Getting ready for celebration through the night!

Big Piano® in Hong Kong!

 2017 / Hong Kong.  "Fashion Walk" is proud to present the world’s longest and Hong Kong's first-ever seven-meter outdoor Big Piano ®   . 

Big Piano® in Germany!

Great performers !

Big Piano® Fitness

From Pilates on Fifth's fitness experts and former Radio City Rockettes Katherine and Kimberly comes the Big Piano ®  class! Bring the workout routine to your gym!

Big piano around the world

Big Piano® in India

Special Events  - 2017 Dehli, Mumbai, India

Big Piano® in Romania

Carla Herescu performing- at Dueling pianos, Romania TV-R2

Big Piano® in Bucharest, Romania

Great performance by talented Carla Herescu & Rares Mihai Florescu

Big Piano® in Russia

 2017  Yekaterinburg, Russia - Interactive Entertainment company PicsBox representing First Big Piano ®  in Russia 

Big Piano® in Italy!

2017 / Big Piano ®   in Italy

Big Piano® in Washington, D.C.

 The National Archives Foundation honored Tom Hanks on October 21, 2017 for his work in helping tell America’s story by awarding him the Records of Achievement Award. 

Miami Children's Museum

2016 -The Music Maker’s Studio feature MCM’s very own Big Piano ®  .   

BIG Piano® at Macy's Herald Square, NYC

 The Piano made famous by Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia in the 1988 movie 'Big' has found a new home at Macy's 34th Street store after FAO Schwarz shut down.   

Drum Machine® at Tuttle Mall, Nashville, TN

Special Projects: Interactive Drums Machine ®  at Tuttle Mall - New Play Area / 2017

Musical Stairs® at Miami Children’s Museum, Florida

2016/ Musical Stairs ®  at Miami Children’s Museum, Florida

Big Piano® at Debenhams in London, UK

2015/   of Big Piano ®   installation at Debenhams on Oxford Street, London, the worlds premier shopping destination 

Big Piano® at Allee-Center Essen, Germany

2016 / Big Piano ®   - Denis Volk performing at Allee-Center Essen, Germany 

Baden Baden, Germany

  • 2015 Toccarion Kinder Musik Welt - THE INCREDIBLE CHILDREN'S MUSIC WORLD OF THE SIGMUND KIENER FOUNDATION, where children can explore the voice, song, rhythm, dance, musical instruments of the Orchestra featuring "Big Piano ®  ". 

Calgary Stampade, Canada

Outdoor Big Piano ®   - Five Octaves- Special edition 

F.A.O. Shchwarz New York City

 1982-2015 / Arguably the most famous piano, due to its memorable scene in the Tom Hanks movie "BIG" (1988)

Fort Discovery Georgia, Ga

 Original Big Piano ®   - Four octaves 

Caracas, Venezuela

 Museo De Los Niños / Caracas, Venezuela Four Octaves "Big Piano ®  " Special Edition  

F.A.O. Shchwarz New York City

“The Walking Piano” or “Big Piano®  ” was created by Remo Saraceni and first installed in the toy store FAO Schwarz in New York City in 1982. 

WeeZee - New York.

 WeeZee - World of "YES,I CAN!" New York.
Two Octaves Big Piano®  . 

Corporate event, trade show.

 Big Piano®  - Four Octaves- Special edition for Rental 

Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia

 Original Big Piano®   -Four octaves - 

Big Piano at Papalote Museo del Niño, mexico