Big Piano on Voice ! Feb. 25, 2019

FAO Schwarz is making a comeback in the Big Apple.

Iconic BigPiano coming back on November 16, 2018


 The store will bring back the famous The Big Piano seen in the Tom Hanks movie Big

Big Piano® is coming back!!

Big piano going grand!

BigPiano® in Hippley Gardens Community Park in Columbiana, Ohio

Columbiana, Ohio. July, 2018

This is the newest  edition to our outdoor BigPiano ®    Projects Collection. 

Big Piano around the world


Dancing on 6 octaves Big Piano in Germany

Now in Germany: The sensation from Hollywood! Great Performance by Dennis Volk and his beautiful assistant  

Big Piano in Hong Kong

November 2017,  Hong Kong.

 "Fashion Walk" is proud to present the world’s longest and Hong Kong's first-ever seven-meter outdoor Big Piano®   designed by Remo Saraceni . “Tune in to Christmas” campaign offers exciting collaborations with designers and artists to celebrate Christmas in style! 

Pilates on Fifth


BIG PIANO Workout Powers Bodies and Brains High Above NYC

... Remo Saraceni, inventor of the Big Piano ®    loves what the Corp sisters are doing: "Pilates on Fifth has created one of the most exciting uses for my Big Piano. I'm thrilled that people will be working their bodies and minds with their innovative workouts." - read the article, Broadwayworld, Oct.21, 2017

What a Brain Health Expert has to say about the BigPiano
® :

“I love this - it's brilliant and on so many levels it's the perfect brain/body workout. Love the way the participants would be challenging their motor and visual spatial memory to learn new patterns, their motor pathways to execute and hone a new skill, their cerebellum - a brain center for coordination, balance and rhythm, and the auditory cortex as well as other brain areas that process music. To top it all off, because it's fun and social, dopamine, a feel good neurotransmitter which primes the brain for learning along with BDNF and other growth factors are released which strengthen synapses and promote the birth of new neurons. And I didn’t even mention the body benefits!”

-Marie Pasinksi, MD. 

Harvard Neurologist - Author - Brain Health Expert

Dr. Marie Pasinski graduated from Harvard Medical School and completed her residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She is a staff neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a faculty member at Harvard Medical School. Since 1991, she has been the consulting neurologist for the Massachusetts General Hospital Health Care Centers, where she cares for culturally diverse patients with a range of neurologic disorders. Her specialty is brain health and she currently is collaborating with her colleagues on the new MGH Institute for Brain Health. Her special interests include brain health, dementia prevention and the effects of exercise, diet, stress, mental stimulation and socialization on the brain.

Dr. Pasinski was a recipient of a Global Health Scholar’s Award and through the sponsorship of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, she provided medical care and taught medical students in Uganda. She is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and symposia. Dr. Pasinski is dedicated to increasing public awareness about the importance of adopting a brain-healthy lifestyle. She is the author of Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Boost Your Brain Power. By optimizing your brain’s remarkable ability to redesign itself, Dr. Pasinski believes that a healthier, more vibrant brain can be achieved at any age.

Big Piano in Russia

November 2017  Yekaterinburg, Russia

Interactive Entertainment company PicsBox in Russia representing First Big Pian ®   in Russia, offering special event performances and lessons on the Big Piano ®  with the instructor. 

Miami Children's Museum's Music Makers Studio goes BIG!

December 2016, Miami. The latest attraction from Miami Children's Museum enlisted some big help to create an interactive musical playground for children. Saraceni's most iconic invention, the Big Piano ®   is the heart of the new attraction. This particular piano was created to allow kids of all needs to enjoy music making. There's an added feature that allows children with hearing disabilities to feel the vibrations being created when notes are played. 

BIG Piano at Macy's Herald Square


August 2016, Macy's New York

Remo Saraceni's Big Piano ®   made famous by Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia in the 1988 film 'BIG' has found a new home at Macy's 34th Street store after FAO Schwarz shut down. Customers can come and play the piano at any time at its new home.