Renting Big Piano

Two or Four Octaves Big Piano®


  •  The Big Piano ®  (Walking Piano) stimulates interest on learning music in a “fun and playful way” for children and adults. Handy crafted by Remo Saraceni, the Artist, is a unique and one of a kind. Latest state of the art technology and first class materials are used. Rugged technology for the electronic systems will guarantee trouble free operations for many years to come.

    This special edition will include a proprietary and unique musical teaching programs:
    • Includes legal certificate of originality
    • Signed by the artist inventor: Remo Saraceni

    • The Big Piano®  is designed for full accessibility for children, and adults and differently able kids: Wheelchair friendly

    Four Octaves 28 white keys (lighted)
    20 black keys (lighted).
    Two Octaves 14 white keys (lighted).
    10 black keys (lighted). 

Renting Package


 Two and four octaves Big Pianos ®  are available for rentals. 

For more infomation please send us an email. 

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