Invented by Remo Saraceni at the same era of the Big Piano®

Musical Stairs®  was a successful exhibition since the public installation at 


Musical Stairs Installations

Pier 39, San Francisco, California


Make music on PIER 39's Musical Stairs ® , the interactive art exhibit presented by Artist Remo Saraceni, creator of the musical stairs in the movie Big. 

Miami Children's Museum, Florida


The main staircase at the museum transformed into an interactive musical instrument  playing a variety of notes and melodies as one goes up and down the stairs. 

Children's Museum, Texas


2005 /Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, Texas

Musical Stairs


Various project installations

Auckland New Zeland


AOTEA Center

Oxigeno, Heridia, Costa Rica


Remo on the fully interactive and lighted steps in the Beautiful and Groundbreaking Oxigeno Mall  "el primer Human Playground de Latinoamérica " in the San Jose Capital Reigon

building social connection


Musical Stairs® will always be part of the same scenery as Tom Hanks's cult movie "BIG".

Remo Saraceni Corporation realize all kind of Musical Stairs, for private collectors or Institutions, for indoor and outdoor installations.

Musical Stairs are an art initiatives that increases physical activity and builds social connection

Musical Stairs®  are acclaimed, adopted and recognized as a new musical interactive aerobics device.

There is no doubt that musical stairs are great innovation that contribute in no small measure to increasing physical activities and helps in building social connections in a given community. 


our Services


Outdoor All Weather Guarantee!

Thirty years knowledge and experience in pioneering major interactive exhibits all over the world will guarantee unique excitements in performance with reliability for many years to come:

We have a system guarantee will work on humid and wet situation (outdoor all weather)

We came to realize that the our Musical Stairs®  are trouble free even after millions of time of operations with minimum amount of servicing. Just clean the surface of the steps.

Remo Saraceni has installed all kind of Musical Stairs® , for private collectors or Institutions, for indoor and outdoor installations. 

What We Offer:

• Total interactivity
• Long life expectancy- no service
• We will be using finest material and super craftsmanship.
• All solid state components, no moving parts.
• Minimal wiring required.
• Pre assembled, modular plug-in systems.
• Signature edition.
• All system have a five year warranty.
Our technology include the best components and best design 

MUSICAL STAIRS® - Marble (pdf)