Musical Stairs®


Invented by Remo Saraceni at the same era of the  BIG Piano® , Musical Stairs®  was a successful exhibition since the public installation at PAPALOTE CHILDREN'S MUSEUM, Mexico City 1989.

Musical Clouds®


Remo's Clouds are in the collections of major museums and featured in the Whitney Museums collection "High Styles: 100 years of American Design" along side other masters like Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright and  Frank Gehry . Updated for the 21st century The Musical Cloud® by Remo Saraceni is a revolution in design, merging light, sound and sculpture in a single form. 

PaxPiano ™


  PaxPiano ™  - Gateway for Peace and Harmony. It will be accessible to eveyone via World Wide Web

Remo Saraseni

The Big Piano®   is just one of Remo's many interactive creations that connect the imagination of childhood with the technology of the future. Remo's unique combination of scientific intellect and creative capital have earned him the description "high-tech Renaissance Man."